basin area

  • 硫面积

basin area的用法和样例:


  1. A deposit of coal has been found in the basin area.
  2. Changcheng wind-sand area in the northmost Shaanxi has the most summer breeders as Hanzhong basin area has the most resident birds.
  3. Rhone is the second river, the river basin area of 7000 square kilometers, accounting for one fifth of the size of the country.
  4. Chan Meng River originate in the county law will ditch Chan, a total length of 35 km, the basin area of 180 square kilometers, in Luoyang City East into Luohe.
  5. This paper discusses the modelling method for the diagenetic history of clastic rocks and method of predicting diagenetic stages of clastic strata in the an undrilled basin area.
  6. In the Q-F-L graph, the plotted points of quartz, feldspar and lithoclast contents of Cretaceous sandstone-mudstone cored from wells are mainly located in foreland basin area.
    钻井岩石中白垩系砂泥岩的石英、长石和岩屑含量的Q -F -L图解投点主要位于前陆盆地区;

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