barrier height

  • 势垒高度

barrier height的用法和样例:


  1. Research of barrier height and width in ZnO varistor ceramics[J].Insulators and Surge Arresters,2004(1):18-22.
  2. When the Schottky barrier height(Eb)is higher than 0.6 eV,any increase in Eb can result in apparent reduction in the DSSC maximum power output.
  3. The mean Schottky barrier height and lowest ideality factor were found to be 1.24eV and 1.03, respectively, as measured by (I - V).
    电流 -电压测量得到肖特基势垒平均高度和理想因子分别为 1 .;2 4 e V、1
  4. The preliminary experimental results have shown that the Zr-Si barrier has a very low barrier height and is suitable for fabrication of detector diodes.
  5. The Schottky barrier height is increased, and the ideality factor is decreased to unity with decreasing the Pd grain size and particle size distribution.
  6. Based on experimental comparison of various metal/InAlAs Schottky bar rier characteristics among Al,Pt,and Ti,Pt is deployed as E-MHEMT buried-Scho ttky gate due to its highest barrier height and easy to bury into InAlAs layer.
    通过不同金属 (Al,Pt,Ti) / In Al As Schottky势垒系统的实验比较研究 ,确定在增强型 MHEMT工艺中采用具有最高势垒高度的 Pt Schottky埋栅结构 ;

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