balanced load

  • 对称负载,对称荷载,平衡负载

balanced load的用法和样例:


  1. This paper concludes general calculative regularity of readings of two-wattmeter method using the impedance angle of balanced load.
  2. One such scheme involves an improved control method designed to automatically quarantine trouble spots and gerrymander the remaining grid into islands of balanced load and generation.
  3. Solid state modulating control (electronic sequencer) - modulates power input and balances load to demand.
  4. This sharing provides a good way to balance load and reduce the probability that a single node in the cluster gets more requests than it can handle.
  5. After analysis,we earn the conclusion that expansive force of Gypsum Breccia in complete expansion method is bigger than that in balance load method.
  6. If a port is mapped to more than one NUMA node, SQL Server assigns connections to nodes in a round-robin fashion without attempting to balance load across the nodes.
    如果一个端口映射到多个NUMA节点,则SQL Server以循环的方式将连接分配到各节点,而不会试图平衡节点之间的负载。
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