• Aviation Ordnance Officer,航空军械军官



  1. Another change to AOO behavior.You will no longer take an AOO while you are using a healing kit.
    对 AOO 行为的另外一个变化.;当你正在使用痊愈装备的时候,你将会不再轮流 AOO
  2. Don't take to heart everything you hear. Don't spend aoo that you have. Don't sleep as long as you want.
  3. The soil under Holm oak coppiee could inhibit the germination of Holm oak and the inhibition was maimly from litter Aoo and Ao.
  4. Though the AOO sequence can make the brightness ofpulp reach 78.4%ISO, but the viscosity reduce to 707 ml/g, 465 ml/g less than the AO sequence, fibers are damnified seriously.
    AOO漂序虽然也能把纸浆漂白到较高的白度78.;4%25ISO,而粘度却降低到707 ml/g,比AO漂序减少了465 ml/g,纸浆的损伤严重。
  5. A pacemaker (AOO) was implanted in a subcutaneous pocket and attached to a screw-in epicardial lead in the right atrial appendage. The dogs in pacing group were paced at 400 bpm for 6 weeks.
  6. A pacemaker(AOO) was implanted to the right atrial appendage in each of the dogs. The dogs in atrial pacing group were paced at 400 beats per minute for 6 weeks while those in the sham-operated group were not paced.
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