alveolar nerve

  • 齿槽神经

alveolar nerve的用法和样例:


  1. Objective: To provide anatomical data for block anesthesia of naterior palatine nerver and superior posterior alveolar nerve.
  2. Methods:Cut the diseased inferior alveolar nerve branches and chin nerve branches from 6 patients suffering from trigeminal neuralgia during operation.
    方法 :选 6例下齿槽神经痛患者 ,取其患支下齿槽神经、颏神经 ,并取其未发病的舌神经为自身对照 ;
  3. Conclusion The method is very feasible, as it may avoid damage to inferior alveolar nerve and can demonstrate ciliary ganglion.
  4. Objective To explore the effect of exogenous nerve growth factor (NGF) on the regeneration of adult white rabbits inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) after being crushed.
    目的 探讨早期应用外源性神经生长因子(nerve growth factor,NGF)对成年大白兔下牙槽神经挤压伤后再生的影响;
  5. Objective To evaluate the neurosensory functions of the inferior alveolar nerve(IAN)after two rigid internal fixations for the sagittal split of ramus osteotomy(SSRO)in monkeys.
  6. PURPOSE:To evaluate the effect of two kinds of rigid internal fixation on the structure of the inferior alveolar nerve(IAN)following sagittal split of ramus osteotomy(SSRO)in a rhesus model.
    目的:对比观察下颌支矢状劈开术(sagittal split ramus osteotomy,SSRO)2种内固定方式术后不同时期下牙槽神经(inferior alveolar nerve,IAN)结构的改变,为临床SSRO手术选择内固定方式提供实验依据。

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