agent cost

  • 代理成本

agent cost的用法和样例:


  1. The theory of the separation and restriction of power and that of the agent cost are the theoretical foundation of the system of the board of censors.
  2. As a stimulation system, Stock Option has the advantage in the stimulation for the operator, lower agent cost, improvement in administration structure, and the cultivation of manager market.
  3. While those who suspect M&A think that may be the representation of manager self-conceit and utility maximation, and it could enhance agent costs.
  4. The initial goal of MBO is to found the effective inspiriting system in enterprise and reduce the agent costs between the owner and manager.
  5. Result: In the antibacterial agents, cephalosporin, quinolone, lincomycin and penicillin were used most frequently and the cost of them accounted for 89.33 % of all antibacterial agents cost.
    结果:抗菌药物中;头孢类、喹诺酮类、林可霉素类和青霉素类最为常用;占用药总金额的89.;33 %25 。
  6. Substantiation analysis of agent cost for company management
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