age harden

  • vi. 时效硬化(老化)

age harden的用法和样例:


  1. The age hardening characteristic of Cu Ni Si Cr Fe alloy has been investigated in this paper.
    研究了Cu Ni Si Cr Fe合金的时效强化特性。
  2. The characteristics of age hardening were studied for Fe W Co and Fe W Co Ni alloys.
  3. This is the reason why Fe W Co alloy possesses stronger ability of age hardening.
  4. The effect of yttrium on as-cast structure and age hardening of the magnesium alloy Mg-9Al-1Zn were investigated.
    研究了稀土元素钇 (Y)对Mg 9Al 1Zn合金铸态组织及时效硬化特性的影响。
  5. Austeinitic FeCr18.2Ni6.9Mo205C1.5 alloy can produce an obvious age hardening effect.
    奥氏体 FeCr18.;2Ni6
  6. With the increasing of Si content, the age hardening response of Al Cu Si ternary alloys is accelerated.
    随着含Si量增加 ,Al Cu Si合金的时效硬化过程加快 ;

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