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  1. Smetana, F. O.,“Turbojet Engine Gas Path Analysis A Review,”AGARD Conference Proceedings, No. 165, 4-5 April, 1974.
  2. The proposed method is applied to compute the compressible flows past the AGARD M 6 wing, a missile and aircraft models.
  3. "They both have a good mentality and they are working hard during our training. Their abilities prove that on the Academy in Agard the coaches are doing a great job.
  4. The aerodynamic coefficients of Case1 and Case2 , required by the workshop, are analyzed, the comparison is also made with the numerical results using CFL3D6.0 ,Cobalt60 and two sets of experimental results from AGARD.
  5. This paper presents the study,by means of comparison and alalysis,on the correlation of the measured data of the aerodynamic forces on an AGARD calibration model B in BIA's hypersonic wind tunnel FD 07 with those in other hypersonic wind tunnels.
    通过比较分析法研究AGARD B标模在BIA的FD 0 7风洞中气动力测量数据与其它高超声速风洞设备测量结果的相互关联。
  6. Abstract This Paper briefly introduces the content,structure,interface,and retrieval functions of the NATO AGARD CD ROM database. Also the reusage of the database is disussed based on our practical experience.
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