advance group

  • 先遣组

advance group的用法和样例:


  1. Class level: beginner group, intermediate group and advanced group.
  2. Methods 110 rats were divided into 5 groups randomly:control group,CCl-4 group,CCl-4+mixed juice in advance group,CCl-4+100% mixed juice group,CCl-4+50% mixed juice group.
    方法 将 110只大鼠随机分为 5组 :对照组、CCl4 组、CCl4 +提前给予混合蔬菜汁组、CCl4 + 10 0%25混合蔬菜汁组、CCl4 + 5 0%25混合蔬菜汁组。
  3. Trityldon(Greek for 3 cusped tooth) was a species of tritylodont, one of the most advanced group of cynodont therapsids.
  4. You can use your talents, your dreams and your ambition greatly in our company.And ADVANCED Group will be more splendent with your joiness.
  5. She has been one of the active members of the HKIEd Handbell Advanced Group and is now one of the committee members and players of the Double Mallet Ringers.
  6. We have a number of areas of the core patents and advanced group III nitride-based high-performance blue and green LED material growth, device designing and the core technology of manufacturing.

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