adsorption bed

  • 吸附床

adsorption bed的用法和样例:


  1. The adsorption bed is filled with irregular sorbet’s granule CaCl2 and CH3OH.Heat transfer in the bed is complex.
  2. The process of methane hydrate formation is observed by combining the curve of charged methane gas and the temperature of adsorption bed center.
  3. Adsorption bed characteristic of absorption heat pump using CaCl_2-CH_3OH working pairs was studied.At the same time,the corresponding mathematical model was established.
  4. The adsorption bed structure filling sorbent in tube and flowing heat transfer media out of tube was designed and the corresponding mathematical model was established.
  5. Temperature profiles of the adsorption bed were recorded by nine thermocouples for analyzing the charge and discharge processes of a storage vessel under pressures 10.5 MPa and 5.2 MPa.
    其次;在室温、10.;5 MPa和5
  6. Adopting cryosorption vacuum system as the pressure recovery system of COIL, the pressure recovery capability of cryosorption vacuum system is determined directly by the performance of adsorption bed.
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