adjustable tax

  • 调节税

adjustable tax的用法和样例:


  1. The special bonus of the experts, professional staff from home and aboard who engaged in the construction of this area, personal income adjust tax will be determined by relative department.
  2. Enterprises are free of charge of the Land Use Fee during the construction period and enjoy deferral of the fixed assets investment adjustment tax.
  3. For the income of salary and gains allotted from profit-after-tax, the private enterprise investor shall pay the personal income adjusted tax according to law.
  4. Branches of government, including Congress and such entities as the Federal Reserve System, attempt to control the extremes of boom and bust, and of inflation and depression, by adjusting tax rates, the money supply and the use of credit.
  5. The adjusted tax rebate increased some product in high technology and machine ,but it will more influence in decreasing or repealing export product from weaving to steel industry .
  6. The tax inspector agreed the figures.
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