addition point

  • 加入点

addition point的用法和样例:


  1. However, Visual Studio 2005 adds an additional point of access to these items in the References pane, shown in Figure 3-14.
    但是,Visual Studio 2005在引用窗格中添加了这些项的额外访问点,如图3-14所示。
  2. Each additional point specifies the end of a line segment whose starting point is the ending point of the previous line segment.
  3. On the premise of original foundation,it modifies the structure of the settler according to efficient settler technology,chooses efficient flocculant,increases addition points.
  4. Hanger holes may be punched in the header of the pouch for in-store displays,which create additional point of purchase options for the creative designer or retail merchandiser.
    挂衣架孔也许被猛击在囊的倒栽跳水为在存放显示, 创造另外的问题的购买选择为创造性的设计师或零售商人。
  5. At this stage, there are only a few additional points you need to consider.
  6. She has two cars and in addition a motorboat.
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