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  1. And I could even adda chat feature so that the upto25 same-time viewers could banter with me in real time.
  2. But the official denials were contradicted by Pakistani civilian officials and villagers in Angor Adda.
  3. On September 3, American commandoes deployed in neighboring Afghanistan crossed into Pakistan for the first time and raided Angor Adda.
  4. Two US military helicopters crossed into Pakistan and tried to land near Angor Adda area of South Waziristan tribal district along the Afghan border before dawn, a local security official said.
    2美军直升机越境进入巴基斯坦,并试图附近的土地angor adda领域的南瓦济里斯坦部落区,沿阿富汗边境地区的破晓前,当地安全官员说。
  5. A local resident, Sher Ali, said the tribesmen in the Angor Adda area had been on alert since September 3 when US special forces dropped by US helicopters killed more than 20 civilians.
    一名当地居民,谢尔阿里说,部落,在angor adda面积已提高警觉,自9月3日,当美国特种部队下降了美军直升机死亡, 20多平民。
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