add memory

  • 加法存储器

add memory的用法和样例:


  1. You add memory to avoid disk IO and make lookups faster.
  2. Reserves virtual address space for Hot Add memory metadata when AWE is enabled with 32-bit SQL Server 2005.
    为使用32位的SQL Server 2005启用AWE时的热添加内存元数据保留虚拟地址空间。
  3. Any SQL Server pro can tell you that the easiest way to improve performance is to add memory to the cache.
    任何SQL Server专业人士都可以告诉您改进性能的最简单方法就是向缓存中增加内存。
  4. SQL Server adds memory to the buffer pool only when its workload requires more memory; a server at rest does not increase the size of its buffer pool.
    SQL Server仅在其工作负荷需要较多内存时才向缓冲池增加内存;处于休眠状态的服务器不会增大其缓冲池的大小。
  5. The measure of adding memory function in inner loops is taken to improve the convergence of standard SA algorithm.The res...
  6. The terrible scene was engraved on his memory.

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