add and delete

  • 删增

add and delete的用法和样例:


  1. Both can be used in a same document, add and delete footnotes or endnotes.
    两者可以用于同一文档中一、添加和删除脚注或尾注 。
  2. You can add and delete folders in your home, but do not move it or change its name.
  3. You can still achieve the same effects, but you have to do it by using the DOM to add and delete elements.
  4. Edit Mode: Your armature is in what we call rest position, you can move, add and delete the bones it contain.
  5. Using a source control client, users can browse the files stored by the provider; add and delete files; check files in and out; and retrieve copies of local files.
  6. By analyzing the mode of HP-UX users management, according to actual instance, using perl script to read and write relative files, or using shell script to call relative commands circularly,two methods are introduced to add and delete users as a batch.

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