adaptive coding

  • 自适应编码

adaptive coding的用法和样例:


  1. The new method can be widely applied to both the adaptive coding and high bit rate coder design for satellite images.
  2. We suggest also some methods of adaptive coding and that for selecting the effective edges according to the statistics of edge in an image.
  3. parallel adaptive coding algorithm
  4. adaptive coding and modulation(ACM)
  5. Two adaptive coded modulation schemes are proposed for MLC (multilevel coding) system employing LDPC (low-density parity-check) codes as component code under slowly Rayleigh fading channels.
    设计了两个以低密度校验(low densityparity check ;LDPC)码作分量码的自适应多级编码调制(multilevelcod ing ;MLC)系统;研究了其在Rayleigh衰落信道中的性能.
  6. This adapter code becomes the message adapter to which SOAP for CICS passes control when fulfilling a Web service request for the existing CICS COBOL application.
    适配器代码成为消息适配器,当完成一个现有CICS COBOL应用程序的Web服务请求后,用于CICS的SOAP将传递控制给此消息适配器。
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