ad converter

  • 模拟数字转换器

ad converter的用法和样例:


  1. The port RA2 was sampled by AD convert module and the result was stored in the work register, and then it was compared with preset value.
  2. It includes the signal amplified and filtered, AD converter , the MPU, the off -chip RAM, the power supply and interface of keyboard, display and communication.
  3. These generally include timing, analogue/digital conversion (AD converter), image monitoring, shuttering, clocking, white balance and initial image processing steps.
  4. In digital IF receiver based on IF sampling technology, one important issue of system design is how to realize wide instantaneous dynamic range, when the available digits of AD converter is limited.
  5. In the scopes of measure, AD conversion is a very important part, the higher bit AD converter always is chosen in order to gain high precision, but it is very expensive for the circuit .
  6. The second part is the develop of high speed data acquire and controlcard, which is based on PCI bus and the use of CPLD and precision AD convert, the driver suitable to win2000 is also discussed in this section.

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