action space

  • 行为空间

action space的用法和样例:


  1. Melvyn: Have you heard about the latest all action space movie?
  2. Q-learning is a typical RL method with a slow convergence speed especially as the scales of the state space and the action space increase.
  3. The extension of reinforcement learning to MDPs with large state,action space and high complexity has inevitably encountered the problem of the curse of dimensionality,which results in slow convergence and long training time.
  4. Discretize the target variable of robot actions, get the discrete variable action space and construct the reactive soccer robot strategy system.
  5. He is a very good footballer; you ought to see him in action.
  6. In Agricola, for example, you start with two family members who can be placed on action spaces to collect resources or take certain actions like building fences.
    摆放工人 这个机制要求你去摆放有限制数量的抽象代理单位(例如工人)在可以进行动作的地方。在特定动作区摆放一个代理人让你可以启动且获得该区域的优势。
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