acid-fast stain

  • 抗酸染色

acid-fast stain的用法和样例:


  1. Objective To probe the quality control in acid fast stain test of sputum smear.
  2. Nevertheless, only 11 cases (6 29%) presented positive acid fast stain.
    而抗酸染色阳性仅有 11例。 占 6 2 9%25。
  3. Lots of bright red rods are seen, particularly in macrophages, in this acid fast stain of lymph node.
  4. An acid fast stain demonstrates a long filamentous organism in the center that is dark red. This is typical for Nocardia.
  5. Cryptosporidium infection is best diagnosed by stool exam. Three cysts are seen in the center with this acid fast stain.
  6. A 230 bp fragments of rpoB were amplified from all M. tuberculosis strains and 113 of 135 (83.7%) sputum samples that were positive for acid fast stain, but not from 16 species of nontuberculosis bacteria and sputum from nontuberculosis patients.
    PCR从所有 2 12株结核分枝杆菌中均扩得 2 3 0bp片段 ;13 5份抗酸染色阳性的痰标本中 ;有 113份扩得阳性片段 ( 83 .;7%25 )。

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