acid-base sites

  • 酸碱中心

acid-base sites的用法和样例:


  1. There existed both Lewis acid sites(Fe~(3+),Mo~(6+)) and Lewis base sites(oxygen of Mo=O and Mo-O-Fe bond) on the surface of the catalysts.
  2. FePO 4 and AlPO 4 distribute at intervals, and there exist Lewis base sites (P=O and P-O-Fe) and Lewis acid sites (Fe 3+ and Al 3+) on the catalyst surface.
    FePO4 和AlPO4 间隔分布在催化剂表面 ;形成Lewis碱位 (P =O ;P O Fe)和Lewis酸位 (Fe3 + ;Al3 + ) .
  3. The chief type of acid base unbalance is respiratory acidosis.
    酸碱失衡类型中 ,呼吸性酸中毒占首位 ;
  4. The experimental results pointed out that the three kinds of active sites exist on the surface of the catalysts: Metallic site Cu, Lewis acid sites V~(5+) and Ti~(4+), Lewis base sites bridge O in V-O-Ti and terminal O in V=O.
  5. Potassium has an important role in the regulation of acid base balance.
  6. Base site RX Eb/No plots can be made from CDLs! Cant even make these today with Drive Testing unless SMAP is used!

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