acid solubility

  • 酸溶解度

acid solubility的用法和样例:


  1. A method for determination of acid soluble and total aluminium in low and middle alloy steel by AES was presented.
  2. Acid soluble proteins of LAK cells were prepared by homogenizing the cells with 5% acetic acid.
  3. Acid soluble and full aluminium in steel are analyzed by making use of PIMS method in FEALSOL programme .
  4. Whey soy proteins(WSP)are acid soluble proteins in whey from soybean processing industry.Its characterization and application were studied more and more.
  5. The activities of superoxide dismutase, glutathion peroxidase and the hydroxyproline level of acid soluble collagen in dermis were enhanced, and the malondialdehyde content was inhibited concomitantly.
    皮肤组织SOD及GSH Px活性增高 ,真皮酸溶性胶原中羟脯氨酸含量增加 ,脂质过氧化产物MDA含量减少。
  6. According to the reservoir features and the requirements of protecting reservoir,a modified drilling and completion fluid system with ultrahigh density is chosen,in which oil soluble and acid soluble temprary plugging agents are the major additives.

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