acid soap

  • 酸性肥皂

acid soap的用法和样例:


  1. MOY EP extrme pressure greases based on lithium fatty acid soap and fortified with new types of EP additives.
  2. In this experiment, We use sucrose and vegetable oil as reactant, caustic alcohol as catalyst, and fatty acid soap and SE as accelerating agent.
  3. The main constituents are glycerin, methanol and fatty acid soap in the underlayer glycerin solution;the fatty acid methyl estyers and KOH are its minor constituents.
  4. Consisting of fatty acid soap, multi-fatty acids are used to make the products being standard quality, such as good colour, appearance and rigidity.
  5. These series of grease are formulated by using lithium fatty acid soap and mineral oil, they possess excellent oxidation stability, anti-rust property. Especially for lubrication of punching machine.
  6. This paper discussed the processing mechanism and instanced some vanishing cream and shampoo with acidic soap.
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