acid reduction

  • 酸性还原作用

acid reduction的用法和样例:


  1. CODCr removal ratio of DSD acid reduction wastewater was over 74.7% at appropriately operating conditions.
  2. Nucleic acid reduction occurred more severely following 2 Gy irradiation than following 15% BSA third degree burns.
  3. The effect of potassium borohydride on ester and carboxylic acid reduction was introduced.
  4. METHODS: The content of nitrite/nitrate (NO 2-/NO 3-) in out-flowing pulmonary blood (OPB) was assayed by nitric acid reduction method.
  5. Methods The leptin levels were measured by radioimmunoassay and the NO levels were determined by nitric acid reduction method in 30 patients with lymphoma and 30 controls.
    方法 :采用RIA法、硝酸还原酶法对 30例恶性淋巴瘤患者和 30例正常对照进行瘦素及NO测定。
  6. The main reduction product identified by using in situ FTIR spectroscopy was glyoxylic acid,indicating that the surface alloy/GC electrode exhibited an excellent selectivity for glyoxylic acid in oxalic acid reduction.
    电化学原位FTIR反射光谱研究结果指出 ,草酸的还原产物主要为乙醛酸 ,表明该电极在较低的过电位下就能还原草酸生成乙醛酸。

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