acid ions

  • 酸根离子

acid ions的用法和样例:


  1. Three different zones A,B,C have been tested to F, Cu, Zn, Se,Ca,P and Sulfuric acid ion in soil,water,blood and diet.
  2. In addition to free CO2 and O2, the meteoric water contains dissolved H+,HCO_3~-, HSO_4~(2-), sometimes organic acid ions, various kinds of salt ions and complex ions, all of which can be involved in the weathering.
  3. In this paper, the methyl cinnamate was synthesized from cinnamate acid and methanol by using strongly acidic ion exchange resin as catalyst.
  4. The main characteristics of this method are that reaction is quick, purity is high, operation is simple, clean fatty acid ion replaces halogen ion that is noxious, and it is greener.
  5. With hydrogen sulfide and tetrapropylene as raw materials, TDM was synthetized by the one step process in the presence of acidic ion exchange resin.
    摘要 以硫化氢和十二烯为反应原料,以酸性离子交换树脂为催化剂一步合成叔十二碳硫醇。
  6. low concentration of inorganic acid ion
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