acid humus soil

  • 酸性腐殖质土

acid humus soil的用法和样例:


  1. Dual-core is a saprophytic orchid plants, was born in an altitude of 700-800 meters deep oak forest humus soil.
  2. Habitat and Ecology: In forests, on mossy rocks and stony ground with rich humus soil; Alt.300 m. Flowering: Oct. to Jan. of the following year.
  3. Planting results showedthat tissue cultured seedlings must beplanted under such special conditions as in the mid-dle of May,and covered by bryophyte or wet humus soil.
  4. The best medium for growth of Pinus massoniana container seedling was the combination of 1/2 forest humus soil and 1/2 core loos.
  5. As he pondered over the dimly discernible piece of news he had received, he smelled the smell of river water that has been dyed a transparent black by humus soil.
    他琢磨着那一丝缥缈的消息。 他闻到了一股被腐植质染成清黑色的河水的气味儿。

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