acid digestion

  • 酸性消化

acid digestion的用法和样例:


  1. The results indicate that the recoveries of iodine are different in different acid digestion conditions.
  2. The results of determination were compared with those of acid digestion at atmosphere and both of them are same.
    该法准确、快速、简便 ,与常压酸消解法比较 ,结果基本一致 ,已用于蘑菇中痕量铅的测定
  3. Nitric-perchloric acid digestion and antimony salt-phosphomolybdate blue spectrophotometry were used to determine the trace phosphorus in the residual detergents, and an analytic method was thereby established.
  4. The paper uses typical sample plot method of forest ecology to obtain field data,and the Walkley-Black acid digestion method for measuring the carbon in the forest and soil is used in this paper.
  5. Microwave-assisted acid digestion was best among the three methods and was characterized with convenient,rapid,effective,unnecessary close attention,less pollution and high recoveries for sample preparationof all solid wastes.
  6. The monitoring methods to detect phosphoric acid fume in phosphorylation workshop was made up with perchloroethylene filter membrane sampling acid digestion molybdenumblue spectrophotometry.
    建立了过氯乙烯滤膜采样 -酸消解 -钼蓝分光光度法测定磷化车间磷酸雾的监测方法。

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