acid amount

  • 酸量

acid amount的用法和样例:


  1. Crystal structure was obtained by XRD. Relative acid strength and acid amount were gotten by NH3-TPD.
  2. This paper ameliorated the pore distribution and improved the thermal stability and acid amount to adapt to the employment of support by Ti-pillared and acid modification.
  3. A series of S_2O~(2-)_8/ZrO_2-SiO_2 catalysts with different composition,which have different acid types,acid amount and acid strength at surfaces,were characterized by IR,Py-IR,and XPS.
  4. The acidities of HY, USHY and SSHY zeolites were modified by K 2SO 4 solution , the acid strength and acid amount of zeolites could be controled by adjusting the concentration and temperature of K 2SO 4 solution and the frequency of exchange.
    用K2SO4 溶液对HY、USHY 和SSHY 沸石的酸性进行改性,通过调节K2SO4 溶液的浓度、温度和交换次数,可控制沸石的酸强度和酸量。
  5. After treated with citric acid,the acidity amount of CY decreased compared to HY,while the acidity amount of CY-CTS increased compared to HY-CTS,then the hydrodenitrogenation(HDN) performance of NiW/CY-CTS improved remarkablely.
  6. A new technology used to extract phytic acid from corn plantule cake is introduced.The percent recovery of phytic acid amounts to 97.1% and the content of raw protein reduces to 0.14%.

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