Song Yu

  • 宋玉

Song Yu的用法和样例:


  1. The author is of the opinion that without convincing evidence, Song Yu should be accredited with the authorship.
    所以 ,我们认为 ,在拿不出有力证据来否定宋玉作《笛赋》的情况下 ,应当认同古文献对《笛赋》的题名 ,承认《笛赋》为宋玉所作。
  2. Based on the background Song Yu wrote his Evocation, it should be Chuxiang King who was evocated.
  3. Song Yu was 2005 rather the gold gainer that ADI undergraduate innovation designs.
  4. The culture of reclusion of the Han Dynasty makes both inheritance and innovation of Qu Yuan and Song Yu.
  5. Liang Hong and Song Yu, Goldman Sachs economists, also said in the report that two more interest rate hikes are possible by the end of this year.
  6. By careful analysis, we can find that the special experience made Liu Yong strongly resonated on Song Yu, and had the complex of Song Yu.
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