• abbr. 多路调制器;多工设备(=multiplexer)



  1. If mux is dead or all ports are not working go to sectiI on 1.
    如果多路复用器失效,或者所有的端口都不工 作,则进入第1部分。
  2. The K-series MDP port is just an extension of the internal MUX inthe K-box.
    K系列 MDP 端口是K系统内?置MUX 的延伸。
  3. The MUX operates up to 3.2 Gbps with a 2.5V power supply, while the maximal output frequency of the CMU is 4.2 GHz.
    在2.;5 V电源电压下;时钟倍频单元最高能够产生4
  4. When ?trying to use an 8 port mux, I get core dumps from SAM.Can you help me resolve this issue?
    当我试图使用一个 8 端口复用器 时,我遇到了从SAM来的核心转储错误提示,您能 帮助我解决这个问题么 ?
  5. To achieve high data rate and low circuit complexity, the architecture combines shift register and tree-type MUX.
  6. Regarding a parallel port being bi-directi onal, it is mostprobably referring to including a mux card.
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