Integrated DNC

  • 集成DNC

Integrated DNC的用法和样例:


  1. The integrated DNC system extends the traditio na l DNC system and makes it possible to promote the progress of practical applicat ion of integrated system.
  2. Then, with analysis of the connotation, characteristics and corporation mode of AVE, the architecture of AVE based on Integrated DNC is set up, and its management mode is studied.
  3. The concept of DNC is presented in this paper, which analysis the integrated structure and communication model. Based on the engineering application,this paper makes research on integrated DNC technology in CIMS. It is worthy of adopting in engineering.
    阐述了 DNC系统的发展 ;分析了 DNC系统的集成结构形式和集成通讯方式 ;并结合具体工程应用 ;对 CIMS工程中集成 DNC技术进行了研究和探讨 .
  4. The construction method and communication protocol of RS-485 network, configuration and function of integrated DNC system and implementation way of integrated DNC system are discussed in detail.
    文中对RS - 485通信网络的构建方法、网络协议、集成DNC系统的车间控制结构、系统功能和系统实现等进行了详细的讨论。
  5. On the basis of describing the define and importance of integrated DNC system,and combining with the characteristics of CAN fieldbus,the structure,communication and features of integrated DNC system based on CAN bus are discussed.
  6. In this paper, the structure of hardware and software of the DNC system based on mould CAD/CAM, CNC and LAN (local area network) are investigated.A scheme of integrated DNC system is introduced.
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