Article Form

  • 文幸形式

Article Form的用法和样例:


  1. I need a forfex to cut down the article form the newpaper.
  2. IEEE standard article form, from overseas website downloading, has the extremely high reference value!
  3. Career His published work is chiefly in article form and is usually concerned with clarifying some particular problem and assessing possible solutions.
    成就: 他出版的作品主要是以论文的形式澄清一些特定的问题并评价可能的解决。
  4. This article form such five aspects as equipment design manufacturing installation and operating, analyzes the reasons of burning tile and clasping axle accidents in pulverizer.
  5. The article form termination which is affixed behind of the predication ont only has the function of making the predication convert article form to modify the proclitic noun, but also it has the significance of tense.
  6. The researcher take this as the point in the actual teaching research and take the Korean article form termination as the object to investigate the mistakes that the student often makes.
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