• n. 反战术弹道导弹(维修平均间隔时间)



  1. A penetration propability calculating model is proposed based on the launching process of ATBM.
  2. Results:All mice in ATBM group, CD25 group and CD4/CD25 groups survived until 60 days without any GVHD symptoms, while all mice in CD4 group died in 10 days from GVHD.
    所有5只CD25组小鼠于骨髓移植后60天仍全部存活;无明显GVHD发生(P>0.;05); 同样;所有6只CD4/CD25组小鼠至骨髓移植后仍全部存活;无明显GVHD发生(P>0
  3. At last, the single damage probability of ATBM which using fuze with one dimension linear antenna are analyzed using computers, and the general evaluates are obtained.
  4. As I remember, the ATBM plan was to purchase CSIST ATBM system to replace all Hawk system, and those ATBM system will be based in the same base as those old Hawk...
  5. Tactical information distribution system is one of the important part of End ATBM Air-Defense missile netting operational system,and it is the key to realize the communication in the every part.
  6. The paper analyses the structure and the process of battle of ATBM system under the satellite support and designs the OM of this simulating system according to some developing rules of HLA.
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