• - (颈; 脖子) neck:

    crane one's neck to see [for a look] 引领而望

    - (领子; 领口) collar; neckband:

    collar of dress; 衣领

    V-shaped collar; 尖领

    - (大纲; 要点) outline; main point; gist:

    outline; 纲领

    fail to grasp the main point 不得要领

  • - (带; 引) head; lead; usher:

    head a delegation; 率领代表团

    usher guests to their seats; 领客人入座

    - (领有) possess; own:

    occupy; capture 占领

    - (领取) receive; get; draw:

    announce the finding of lost property; 招领

    claim sth.; 认领

    - (接受) accept; take:

    appreciate sb.'s kindness; 心领了

    have the benefit of sb.'s wise counsel 拜领教益

    - (了解) understand; comprehend; grasp:

    understand tacitly; readily take a hint 心领神会

    - (领养) adopt:

    adopt and raise a child; 领一个孩子来养

    This child is adopted. 这孩子是领的。

  • - (领有的) under jurisdiction of; in possession of:

    territorial waters [sea] 领海

  • - (长袍或上衣一件叫一领) a piece of:

    one gown 一领长袍

    - (席一张叫一领) a piece of:

    a straw mat 一领草席



  1. 他竖起大衣领抵御寒风。
    He turned up his coat collar against the chill wind.
  2. 熨衬衫领要先喷些粉浆再熨。
    Spray starch on the shirt collars before ironing them.
  3. 他竖起大衣领子,匆匆冒雨出去了。
    He turned up the collar of his coat and hurried out into the rain.
  4. 我们需要具有真知灼见的人来领导这个党。
    We need someone with real vision to lead the party.
  5. 这衬衣领子的尺寸是多少?
    What size of collar is this shirt?
  6. 他抓住我的领子把我拉倒他面前。
    He grabbed my collar and pulled me towards him.
  7. 她穿着一件领口有扇形皱褶的衣裙。 
    She wears a dress with scallops around the neck.
  8. 男子的衬衫号码是按领口大小分的。
    A man's shirt is sized by its neck.
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