• - (皮革) leather; hide
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wei Yingwu 韦应物



  1. 韦译:令人愉快的事可以自己亲自去做
    No one has a finer command of language than the person who keeps his mouth shut.
  2. 不要过多过快减少利巴韦林剂量同样重要。
    Not reducing reducing ribavirin too much too quickly may also be important.
  3. 那么典韦最佳位置是什么那?
    So what would be his optimal position?
  4. 我很难发展卡尔韦肌肉。
    I find it difficult to develop the calve muscles.
  5. 另外,地拉韦啶甲磺酸盐合成的专利已在申请中。
    The patent of the synthesis of delavirdine mesylate is applying.
  6. 韦驮菩萨背井上山,他也累呀!
    Weituo also felt tired when he carried the well to run back to the mountain.
  7. 本文提出了用计算机精确求解韦布尔参数的方法。
    A precise computation method of weibull parameters is offered in this paper.
  8. 奈韦拉平是包含在这里面的小袋放置了一个小滴管。
    The nevirapine is contained in a small dropper placed inside the pouch.
  9. 用可见分光光度法测定利巴韦林制剂(片、注射液)的含量。
    Ribavirin tablets and injection were determined with visible spectrophotometry.
  10. 在进行睡眠测试3天后,韦布约见了巴德雷教授,询问检查结果。
    Many of these symptoms are linked to a disorder called obstructive sleep apnoea.
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