• - (修理;修补) repair; mend; patch:

    repair [mend] shoes; 补鞋

    mend a puncture; 补车胎

    - (补充; 补足;填补) fill up; add supplement; supply; make up for:

    make up [meet] a deficit; 弥补赤字

    supply the missing words; 把漏了的字补上

    - (补养) nourish:

    build up one's health (with nourishing food or tonics); 补身体

    enrich the blood; 补血

  • - (利益; 用处) benefit; help; use:

    do not help matters; 无补于事

    not be without some advantage; be of some help; 不无小补

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Bu Zhen 补真



  1. 她给私人授课以贴补收入。
    She gives private lessons to supplement her income.
  2. 牙科医生常常给患者补牙。
    A dentist often has to fill teeth.
  3. 牙医用汞合金给我补牙。
    The dentist used amalgam to fill my teeth.
  4. 乾洗一套衣服,3英镑;修补一套衣服,2英镑。
    To dry-cleaning suit, 3; to repairing same, 2.
  5. 我力图补偿我的损失。
    I tried to make up for my loss.
  6. 我们需要再次补充煤的储备。
    We need to replenish our stocks of coal.
  7. 我已写出报告的梗概,但我必须补充细节。
    I've written the skeleton of my report, but I have to fill in the details.
  8. 不知你能否帮我补补课。
    I wonder if you could help me to make up the lessons.
  9. 他的袜子补了又补。
    His socks had been darned again and again.
  10. 药补不如食补。
    Kitchen physic is the best physic.
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