1. 几种药物可能会诱发或加重症状的急性啉症。
    Several drugs may induce or exacerbate symptoms in acute porphyria.
  2. 结果表明:这两种铜啉配合物具有较好的仿酶活性。
    It shows the metalloporphyrin has obvious biological activity of mimic enzymes.
  3. 研究发现,啉类反饱和吸收材料有很好的光限幅作用。
    We found that porphyran is a kind of good material for optical limiter.
  4. 以氯高铁血红素为原料,经脱铁、酯化一步得原啉二甲酯粗品。
    An improved preparation of protoporphyrin disodium from hemin is described.
  5. 冷漠有时候并是无情只是一种避免被伤害的工具.
    Sometimes callous indifference is not only a tool to avoid being hurt.
  6. 动物中唯一已知的血红蛋白病是啉症。
    The only known hemoglobinopathy of animals is porphyria.
  7. 太漂亮的女人,往往命患眩?
    It is said that a beautiful woman may have a tough time in her life.
  8. 啉及其衍生物是一类具有优良的光电性能的有机半导体材料,引起人们广泛的关注。
    Porphyrin and its derivatives were excellent organic semiconductor materials and they were received considerable attention in recent years.
  9. 近年来,啉及金属卟啉的超分子化学迅速发展成为现代化学的一个重要分支。
    Supramolecular chemistry of porphyrins and metalloporphyrins has grown enormously and becomes one of the most important areas of modern chemistry in recent years.
  10. 我们还致力于啉类药物原料的开发研究。
    We also devote ourselves to development and research of raw stock for porphyrin medicine.
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