• - (肥料) fertilizer; manure:

    dung; muck; manure; 粪肥

    nitrogenous fertilizer 氮肥

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Fei Yi 肥义

  • - (使肥沃) fertilize:

    fertilize the farmland [soil] 肥地

    - (由不正当收入变富) enrich by illegal income:

    enrich oneself by illegal transactions 肥己

  • - (含脂肪多) fat; greasy:

    fat meat; 肥肉

    fat; corpulent 肥胖

    - (肥沃) fertile; rich:

    rich soil 土质很肥

    - (肥大) loose and large; loose-fitting:

    The waist of the trousers is too loose.; The trousers are too wide in the waist. 裤腰太肥了。



  1. 给花园施些肥料吧!
    Do some fertilization for the garden!
  2. 碎骨是最好的肥料之一。
    Crushed bones make one of the best fertilizers.
  3. 谷物轮种使土壤保持了肥力和高质。
    The rotation of crops keeps the soil healthy and fertile.
  4. 因为土地肥沃,那儿很富裕。
    It's rich there because of the fertility of soil.
  5. 我被两个肥胖的女人紧紧地挤在中间,以致于要站起来下公共汽车都很难。
    I was so tightly wedged between two fat women that it was difficult for me to get up and leave the bus.
  6. 水獭有只肥大的尾巴。
    Otters have fat tails.
  7. 他竟然胆敢对我说我太肥胖。
    He had the audacity to tell me I was too fat.
  8. 他不能吃肥肉。
    He can't eat fat.


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