• - (铺屋顶用的建筑材料) tile:

    cement tile; 水泥瓦

    plain tile 无棱瓦

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wa Guang 瓦光

  • - (用泥土烧成的) earthen:

    earthen jar 瓦罐

  • - (瓦特的简称) watt:

    My lamp uses 60 watts; my toaster uses 600 watts. 我的灯用60瓦,我的烤面包器用600瓦。

  • - (盖瓦) tile; put tiles on a roof; cover (a roof) with tiles:

    The roof is ready to be tiled. 屋顶可以盖瓦了。



  1. 每一排瓦都搭在下面的一排上。
    Each row of tiles laps the one below.
  2. 合同中规定屋顶要用红瓦而不用石板瓦。
    The contract specifies red tiles, not slates, for the roof.
  3. 在暴风中屋顶的瓦片哗啦啦地落了下来。
    During the gale roof tiles came hurtling down.
  4. 风把瓦刮下来了。
    The wind dislodged some tiles.
  5. 那盏灯需要100瓦的灯泡。
    The lamp needs a 100-watt bulb.
  6. 电路里消耗的功率是以瓦或千瓦来计量的。
    The power consumed in an electric circuit is measured in watts or kilowatts.
  7. 房顶上的瓦工招呼再送些瓦上去。
    The bricklayer on the roof was calling for more tiles.
  8. 瓦和千瓦是电的功率计量单位。
    Watts and kilowatts are the units in which electric power is measured.
  9. 有几片瓦明显出格了。
    A few of the tiles were clearly out of alignment.
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