• - (翻转; 滚动) roll; turn round; trundle:

    turn a somersault; 打滚儿

    roll-in; 滚进

    - (走开; 离开) get away; beat it:

    roll-out; 滚出

    scram; get out 滚开

    - (液体沸腾) boil:

    The soup is boiling [bubbling] in the pot. 锅里汤滚了。

    - (缝纫方法) bind; trim; hem:

    hem a tablecloth; 给桌布滚一个边

    trim the skirt with lace; 裙子滚上花边

  • - (滚动的) rolling:

    rolling wheels 滚轮

    - (达到沸点以上的) boiling:

    boiling water 滚水

    - (奔流的; 急速的) rushing; torrential:

    the torrential currents of the Changjiang River; 滚滚长江

    profits pouring in from all sides 财源滚滚

  • - (非常; 达到很高程度的) very; to a high degree:

    red hot; 滚烫

    (of human) feverish;(of food) boiling hot; 滚热

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Gun Ying 滚英



  1. 【谚】滚石不生苔。
    A rolling stone gathers no moss.
  2. 球从桌上滚下来。
    Off the table rolled the ball.
  3. 她喜欢摇滚乐。
    She is crazy about rock and roll.
  4. 滚石不生苔;转业不聚财。
    A rolling stone gathers no moss.
  5. 石头滚下山时,它的动量增加。
    As the rock rolled down the mountainside, it gathered momentum.
  6. 有一粒骰子滚到桌子下面去了。
    One of the dice has rolled under the table.
  7. 硬币滚到钢琴的下面了。
    The coin rolled underneath the piano.
  8. 狗在地板上打滚。
    The dog rolled on the floor.


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