• - (波浪) wave:

    ripples 微波

    - {物} (振动传播的过程) wave:

    sound wave; 声波

    short wave; 短波

    - (意外变化) an unexpected turn of events; unexpected changes:

    storm; crisis; disturbance; 风波

    Hardly has one wave subsided when another rises. 一波未平,一波又起。

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Bo Cai 波才

  • - (跑) run



  1. 这艘船在波涛中奋勇前进。
    The ship buffeted through the big waves.
  2. 你同意光的波动理论吗?
    Do you agree to the wave theory of light?
  3. 波浪冲击着岩石。
    The waves are lashing against the rocks.
  4. 小船沉没在波涛之中。
    The boat dipped into the waves.
  5. 太阳有时会影响无线电波的传播。
    The sun sometimes spoils the propagation of radio waves.
  6. 波浪在阳光下跳舞。
    The waves danced in the sunlight.
  7. 小麦在微风中起伏波动。
    The wheat rippled in the breeze.
  8. 轮船沉没于波涛下面。
    The ship sank beneath the waves.
  9. 分级梯状波往往是以横波或驻波传播。
    A scalar wave tends to propagate as a transverse wave or a standing wave.
  10. 潮波被河口反射形成驻波,因而潮波、流速和盐度存在特殊的关系;
    Standing waves are resulted due to the reflection of tidal waves by the estuary.
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