• - (船靠岸; 停船) lie at anchor; berth; moor:

    anchor alongside the shore; lie alongshore; 泊岸

    lie at anchor; take up a berth 停泊

    - (停留) stop; stay for a time:

    drift on water; drift aimlessly 飘泊

  • - {物} (厘米·克·秒制中粘滞系数单位) poise
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Bo Guang 泊广



  1. 轮船横着停泊在港口里。
    The ship was anchored athwart at the harbor mouth.
  2. 渔船沿着岸抛锚停泊。
    Fishing boats were anchored all along the coast.
  3. 该轮将于星期三停泊在鹿特丹港。
    The ship will berth at rotterdam on Wednesday.
  4. 这艘船被允许停泊在这儿。
    This ship is approved to berth here.
  5. 邮轮中午到达停泊地。
    The liner berthed at midday.
  6. 尽可能把车辆泊在泊车处或停车场内。
    Park in a parking area or car park if you can.
  7. 有我们船的靠泊计划吗?
    Is there any berthing schedule about our tanker?
  8. 它最初是作为齐柏林飞艇的碇泊杆和观景台的两重责任。
    It initially served double duty as a zeppelin mooring mast and an observatory.
  9. 随着含水饱和度的增大,弹性模量减小,泊松比的变化规律不太明显;
    The study shows that the elastic modulus of the unconsolidated rock is very low.
  10. 我们近岸泊船。
    We anchored our boat close to the shore.


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