• - (弯曲或歪斜) crooked; bent:

    overcorrect 矫枉过正

  • - (使歪曲) distort; pervert; twist:

    pervert the law 枉法

    - (冤屈) treat unjustly; wrong:

    wrong sb.(with false charges, etc.); 冤枉

    be wronged and driven to death 枉死

  • - (白白地; 徒然) in vain; vainly; without avail:

    work without avail; 枉费工夫

    wasted all one's lifetime 枉活了一世

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wang Jing 枉景



  1. 你要是以为我是出於私心,那你就冤枉我了。
    You wrong me if you think I only did it for selfish reasons.
  2. 你说他说谎是冤枉了他。
    You wronged him by saying that he had lied.
  3. 我冤枉了她,怎样才能补救呢?
    How can I repair the wrong I have done her?
  4. 他企图诱使她离开丈夫和家庭,结果是枉费心机。
    He tried in vain to lure her away from husband and home.
  5. 你可以想怎麽写就怎麽写,只要能让那些花冤枉钱的人高兴就行。
    You can write what you like, as long as it keeps the punters happy.
  6. 出23:6不可在穷人争讼的事上屈枉正直。
    You shall not pervert the justice due to your needy brother in his dispute.
  7. 因为这样的人是会为了一块面包而枉法的。
    For such a man will transgress for a piece of bread.
  8. 应付考试光靠好记性而不用功是枉费心机。
    To depend on your memory without studying for a test is to grasp at straws.
  9. 枉自讨论了那么多次,问题还是没解决。
    We have discussed the problem several times but to no purpose.
  10. 要想改变他,简直是枉费心机。
    I racked my brains in vain trying to change him.


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