• - (高大) towering; lofty; mighty



  1. 这是五十多岁的一位老婆子,颤颤地走进店来,手里拿着一个小小的蓝布包。
    A shaky old lady entered the shop carrying a little bundle wrapped in blue cloth.
  2. 废气排放的结果表明,以满足2010年的废气排放标准是所提出的天幡怼啤笑桅痞兀?化合物。
    The emission results are demonstrated to meet the 2010 emission standards that are proposed by CARB.
  3. 每个跋然新产品的构想都是为使用者各种要求提供最好对策。
    Each new Vibram product is designed using only the latest designs and the best compounds for its specific use.
  4. 跋然是高性能橡胶鞋底的世界领先品牌,专门针对户外活动、工作、休闲时尚、鞋底修补与整形市场。
    Vibram is the world leader in high performance rubber soles, targeted to the outdoor, work, recreation, fashion, repair and orthopedic markets.
  5. 跋然在提升安全性能和加强保护的想法中诞生,并在我们星球的第一个角落书写着神话传说,并不断致力于研究和开发。
    Vibram soles , created with a desire to increase safety and protection levels, are the result of a constant commitment to research and development.
  6. 原为供奉道教中的“神仙”—唐代道士吕洞宾修建的,始建于明万历年间,清乾隆间增筑阁三层。
    Taoism was dedicated to the " immortals " - the Tang Dynasty Taoist priest Lu built before Wanli Ming and Qing Emperor Qianlong built by between three-Wei Ge.
  7. 其30年代首创了为登山者专门设计的橡胶鞋底,给登山运动带来革命性的影响,跋然产品也成为市场的参考标准。
    Since revolutionizing the sport with the creation of the first rubber sole for mountain climbing in the '30s, Vibram has positioned itself as the market standard.
  8. 在内蒙古自治区西部的鄂尔多斯高原上,有一座巍然屹立着的蒙古包式建筑宫殿,这就是闻名遐迩,一代天骄成吉思汗的陵墓。
    In the Ordos Plateau in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on the west, there is a Mongolian Wei stand tall building of the palace, which is known, the tomb of Genghis Khan.
  9. 他们注意到旧约中神的名字—希伯来文「雅」(Yahweh),在旧约希腊文译本中翻译为「主」 (Kurios),在新约中许多次被用来称呼耶稣。
    They note that the Old Testament name of God - Yahweh in Hebrew, translated as Kurios ("Lord") in the Greek version of the Old Testament - was applied hundreds of times to Jesus.
  10. 虽然前苏联解体后的头十年形势紊乱,但过去十年本地区的形势较为稳定,从西部的塔林和地拉那到东部的海参和比什凯克都是如此。
    While the first decade after communism was rough, the past decade has been kinder to the region that stretches from Tallinn and Tirana in the West to Vladivostok and Bishkek in the East.




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