• - (武器) arms; weapons:

    feed the horses and sharpen the weapons; 秣马厉兵

    fight hand to hand; in close combat; 短兵相接

    - (军人) soldier:

    be a soldier; serve [enlist] in the armed forces; 当兵

    train soldiers; 练兵

    - (军队) army; troops:

    engineer troops [corps]; 工程兵

    review troops 阅兵

    - (军队中的最基层成员) rank-and-file soldier; private:

    unity between officers and men; 官兵一致

    Private First Class (美军陆军)一等兵

    - (关于军事或战争的) military affairs [strategy]:

    direct military operations with miraculous skill; 用兵如神

    be an armchair strategist 纸上谈兵

    - (中国象棋棋子之一) pawn,one of the pieces in Chinese chess



  1. 士兵们背起行装,继续前进。
    The soldiers shouldered their kit and moved on.
  2. 士兵们为争夺每一寸土地而斗争。
    The soldiers contested every inch of ground.
  3. 那场战争中很多士兵死于那片沼泽地。
    In that war, many soldiers died in that fen area.
  4. 士兵的职业是打仗。
    The trade of the soldier is war.
  5. 你们国家实行义务兵役制吗?
    Is military service compulsory in your country?
  6. 这位年轻的士兵被任命为骑兵队的队长。
    The young soldier was appointed squadron leader.
  7. 视力不佳将使你免服兵役。
    Poor eyesight will exempt you from military service.
  8. 一名通讯员被派去给前线士兵送消息。
    A messenger was despatched to take the news to the soldiers at the front.


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