[strəʊk]     [stroʊk]    
  • n. 中风;击打;一笔(画);意外的运气
  • v. 击打
  • v. 轻抚;奉承
stroker stroked stroked stroking strokes



n. (名词)
  1. 中风,突然发作
  2. 一笔,一划
  3. 一击,一抽
  4. 跳动
  5. 脉搏
  6. 鸣声
  7. 笔触
  8. 手法,划法,打法
  9. 一项工作
  10. 机缘
  11. 意想不到的事
  12. 一举
  13. 打,击,敲
  14. 抚,摸,捋,抚摩
v. (动词)
  1. 摸,抚,摩,捋,抚摩(动物的毛皮),抚摸
  2. 画短线于,在...上划线
  3. 勾销,删掉
  4. 击(球),抽(球)
  5. 【裁缝】弄伸皱褶
  6. 为...担任尾桨划手,(使)划尾桨
  7. 拍打
  8. 挑动
  9. 轻挪,轻触,轻拭
  10. 待(某人)非常好
  11. 顺着(某人)以便为自己办事
  12. 奉承某人
  13. 安慰某人


n. (名词)
  1. [C] 一击 a hit, especially with (the edge of) a weapon
  2. [C] 一画,一笔 a line made by a single movement of a pen or brush in writing or painting
  3. [C] (游泳或划船的)划,划法; 游法 a method of swimming or rowing
  4. [C] 钟的敲声 the sound made by a clock in giving the time
  5. [S] 中风 sudden attack of illness in the brain that can cause loss of the power to move, speak clearly, etc.
  6. [C] 轻抚 passing the hand gently over (a surface), usually again and again


  1. (sports) the act of swinging or striking at a ball with a club or racket or bat or cue or hand;

    "it took two strokes to get out of the bunker"
    "a good shot requires good balance and tempo"
    "he left me an almost impossible shot"

  2. the maximum movement available to a pivoted or reciprocating piece by a cam

  3. a sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain

  4. a light touch

  5. a light touch with the hands

  6. (golf) the unit of scoring in golf is the act of hitting the ball with a club;

    "Nicklaus won by three strokes"

  7. the oarsman nearest the stern of the shell who sets the pace for the rest of the crew

  8. anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause;

    "winning the lottery was a happy accident"
    "the pregnancy was a stroke of bad luck"
    "it was due to an accident or fortuity"

  9. a punctuation mark (/) used to separate related items of information

  10. a mark made on a surface by a pen, pencil, or paintbrush;

    "she applied the paint in careful strokes"

  11. any one of the repeated movements of the limbs and body used for locomotion in swimming or rowing

  12. a single complete movement

  1. touch lightly and repeatedly, as with brushing motions;

    "He stroked his long beard"

  2. strike a ball with a smooth blow

  3. row at a particular rate

  4. treat gingerly or carefully;

    "You have to stroke the boss"



用作名词 (n.)
  1. I know a doctor. He is expert in curing stroke.
  2. He fell the tree with one stroke of the axe.
  3. It's easy to draw a snake. Just one stroke.
  4. It was a stroke of luck that I found you here.
用作动词 (v.)
  1. She stroked the ball cleverly past her opponent.
用作动词 (v.)
  1. The cat likes being stroked.
  2. Julia had to subdue an urge to stroke his hair.


用作名词 (n.)
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  • You..couldn't cut a man's head off with one stroke.

    出自: C. Isherwood
  • The cook..beat her..dough with steady strokes.

    出自: R. Jarrell
  • Pa..would probably cane her.., just a few strokes.

    出自: B. Emecheta
  • His white man'd Steeds..He chear'd to Courage with a gentle Stroke.

    出自: Dryden
  • She gave her hair a long..stroke with the brush.

    出自: H. E. Bates
  • She..strok'd down her band.

    出自: T. Gray
  • David's mother stroked her shoulders soothingly.

    出自: H. Roth
  • The Doctor stroked his moustache thoughtfully.

    出自: T. Heggen
  • Jacqueline with one slow lean arm began to stroke the dog.

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