['septiːm]     ['septɪm]    
  • n. 第七式姿势



  1. Watching Septime Webre work with his dancers is an exciting creative process.
    看Septime Webre 和舞蹈演员一起工作是一种令人兴奋的创造性地过程。
  2. Septime Webre had young students from the Washington School of Ballet dance the part of bumblebee insects.
    Septime Webre 的华盛顿芭蕾学校的年轻学生表演大黄蜂的角色。
  3. Many of the dancers have been working with Septime Webre since he began with the Washington Ballet nine seasons ago.
    多数舞蹈演员从九个演出季以前Septime Webre 开始与华盛顿芭蕾舞团合作时就和他一起工作了。
  4. SEPTIME WEBRE: "I have a process that has developed over the years.For every hour in the rehearsal room, I have to prepare for about an hour or more.
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