[kɒm'plɪkənt]     [kɒm'plɪkənt]    
  • (鞘翅)覆盖的



  1. Results Bleeding was stopped immediately in all patients without complic...
  2. The recover rate of ALT of patient with cholestatic hepatitis or chronic hepatitis complic intrahepatic cholestasis has significance difference P<0.05.
  3. It can cure a great number of patients with this disease.Patients should take operation as soon as possible when another organ is injured.And serious complic...
  4. Because the intersectional curve of the joint is complic atad, the article uses microcomputer and stepping motor, in order to control the moving locus of the torch.
    由于接头曲线的复杂性,本课题应用了微型计算机和步进电 机,以其对割炬的运行曲线进行控制。
  5. Complic ations occurred in 30 cases: wound bleeding 4 cases severe emphysema 9 cases abd ominal distention 2 cases febrile morbidities 10 cases nervus paralysis of right upper extremity 5 cases.
    腹壁伤口出血 4例 ,皮下气肿 9例 ,腹胀 2例 ,术后发热 10例 ,右上肢神经麻痹 5例。
  6. The complic ations included transient increasing of intraocular pressure in 2 eyes, feather-like opacity of lens in 5 eyes, vitreous hemorrhage in 1 eye, and air-bleb under conjunctiva in 2 eyes.
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