[keə(r)]     [ker]    
  • v. 关心;担忧;照顾;喜爱;介意;倾向于;愿望;在乎
  • n. 小心;照料;忧虑;注意;护理
cared cared caring cares



v. (动词)
  1. 计较
  2. 喜欢,喜爱,爱好,对...中意
  3. 愿意(后接不定式)
  4. 挂念,思念
  5. 想要,希望,想做,愿意,愿望
  6. 忧虑,愁
  7. 看管,照管,照应,看护,监督
  8. 抚育,关怀,照顾,关心,担心,在乎,照料,照看,操心
  9. 管,顾,问
  10. (对…)介意,(对...)计较
  11. 有异议,反对
  12. 感到遗憾
  13. 赡养(for)
n. (名词)
  1. 小心,谨慎
  2. 照料,关怀,看护,保护,爱护
  3. 忧虑,烦恼,忧烦
  4. 管理
  5. 心事
  6. 用心
  7. 努力
  8. 所关心之事
  9. 当心,注意
  10. 挂念,思念,忧念
abbr. (缩略词)
  1. =Cooperative for American Remittances to Everywhere 美国援外汇款合作组织
  2. =Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe 汇款到欧洲合作社
  3. =Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere 美国援外合作组织


v. (动词)
  1. vt. & vi. 关心,担心,在乎,介意 mind; be concerned about
  2. vt. 喜欢,愿意 like
n. (名词)
  1. [U]照顾,护理 the process of looking after and giving attention to sb who needs it, such as a sick or old person
  2. [U]小心,注意 carefulness in avoiding harm, damage, etc.
  3. [U]忧虑,挂念 worry, sorrow or uncertainty
  4. [C]负责照管、办理的事 a thing for which one is responsible; cause of sorrow and anxiety


  1. the work of providing treatment for or attending to someone or something;

    "no medical care was required"
    "the old car needs constant attention"

  2. judiciousness in avoiding harm or danger;

    "he exercised caution in opening the door"
    "he handled the vase with care"

  3. an anxious feeling;

    "care had aged him"
    "they hushed it up out of fear of public reaction"

  4. a cause for feeling concern;

    "his major care was the illness of his wife"

  5. attention and management implying responsibility for safety;

    "he is in the care of a bodyguard"

  6. activity involved in maintaining something in good working order;

    "he wrote the manual on car care"

  1. feel concern or interest;

    "I really care about my work"
    "I don't care"

  2. provide care for;

    "The nurse was caring for the wounded"

  3. prefer or wish to do something;

    "Do you care to try this dish?"
    "Would you like to come along to the movies?"

  4. be in charge of, act on, or dispose of;

    "I can deal with this crew of workers"
    "This blender can't handle nuts"
    "She managed her parents' affairs after they got too old"

  5. be concerned with;

    "I worry about my grades"



用作动词 (v.)
  1. It makes me feel good that you care about me.
  2. She will care for the children while I am away.
  3. He doesn't care for fish.
  4. I don't care whether or not she will attend the meeting.
  5. Would you care for another help?
  6. Would you care to have a small wager on the game?
  7. The students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.
用作名词 (n.)
  1. Owing to wet weather, motorists are advised to drive with extra care.
  2. John's old enough to take care of himself.
  3. He leads a life free from care.
  4. If you decide to do this, you need to take care of several things.
  5. This patient requires intensive care.


用作动词 (v.)
care about (v.+prep.)
    在乎,在意 mind
care for (v.+prep.)
    尊重 have regard for
用作名词 (n.)
in care of
    转交 giving sb sth by the third person
take care
    坚持到底 keep on
take care of
    抵消 balance
the care of
    由…照顾〔管理〕 being responsible for


用作动词 (v.)
~+名词 ~+副词 ~+介词
用作名词 (n.)
动词+~ 形容词+~ 名词+~ ~+名词 介词+~ ~+介词


  • His words infix'd unutterable care Deep in great Hector's soul.

    出自: Pope
  • I don' a fig for his opinion.

    出自: J. Galsworthy
  • I don't care a bugger whether you won't or will.

    出自: Dylan Thomas
  • I don't mean that one has to love people, but simply that one ought to care.

    出自: J. Braine
  • What care I if good God be If he be not good to me?

    出自: Stevie Smith
  • Don't you care enough about me to marry me?

    出自: B. Tarkington
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