• n. 附件(设备)接口



  1. AuCl~-_(4)reacts with I~(-)to form(AuI)_n nanoparticles in size of 12 nm.
    AuC l4-与I-可形成(AuI)n纳米微粒.
  2. Auditory User Interface (AUI) is the most useful and compelling one of them.
  3. The association particle system of CTMAB-[AuI 4] - exhibits violet-red color. It has a new absorption peak at 520 nm.
    当十六烷基三甲基溴化铵(CTMAB)与 [AuI4]-共存时体系呈红紫色 ,在 5 2 0nm处产生一新的吸收峰。
  4. MII is a logical signal interface, and its function in 100Mb/s Ethernet is equivalent to AUI of 10Mb/s Ethernet.
    MII是一个逻辑信号接口 ;是 10 Mb/ s AUI的 10 0 Mb/ s等价物 .
  5. The nano reaction mechanism of AuI is investigated by spectroscopy,polarography and transmission electron microscopy.
    采用光谱法、极谱法和透射电镜研究了AuC l4--I-纳米反应机理.
  6. The interaction synergism and independence forms of mobile phone's AUI were analyzed from human physiology.
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