• - (隐瞒; 隐藏) hide; conceal:

    conceal one's name and surname; 隐姓埋名

    The house was concealed from the road by a small wood. 从路上看不到这所房子,它隐没在一小片树林里。

  • - (隐藏不露) hidden from view; concealed:

    recluse; hermit 隐士

    - (潜伏的; 藏在深处的) latent; dormant; lurking:

    hidden danger 隐患

  • - (隐秘的事) secret; hidden matters:

    a secret which could not be told; sth. which it would be awkward to disclose; 难言之隐

    delve into secret facts or principles 探颐索隐

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Yin Weng 隐翁



  1. 假使语言是为了隐藏思想而被发明的,那么报纸就是对这不良发明的一大改进。
    If word were invented to conceal think, newspaper should be a great improvement on a bad invention.
  2. 他向警方隐瞒实情而并未感到十分不妥。
    He had/felt no serious qualms about concealing the information from the police.
  3. 他吹口哨通知朋友继续隐蔽。
    He whistled to his friend to keep hidden.
  4. 在我现在看来,他那时似乎在叹气,而我吃吃地笑是在隐藏我的尴尬。
    It seems to me now that he sighed and that I tittered to hide my embarrassment.
  5. 溪谷隐没在雾霭之中,看不见了。
    The valley was hidden from view in the mist.
  6. 拐角处有个隐蔽入口。
    There is an entrance of concealment just around the corner.
  7. 一个男人对妻子隐瞒事情是不对的。
    It is wrong for a man to conceal things from his wife.


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